Currently Showing: Larry Shiller

Artist Bio 

My art allows me to express my emotions, current and past relationships, places and events that have shaped my world.Finding the right relationship between colors, watching them merge into a medley of hues takes me out of the ordinary and transports me into a kaleidoscopic realm. Through abstract paintings I can liberate myself through color and shape by varying the intensity in each painting. Sometimes the painting is strong, chaotic and powerful. In contrast, others may be soft, muted and relaxed. Color is a transcendent influence in my life. Color is an integral element in my paintings. Color moves me, excites me, and frees me to be my authentic self. 

I was exposed to fine art at an early age as my mother was the directress of an art gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. I spent many hours as a young boy at the gallery where I met many of the artists and heard them talk about their paintings. This early exposure impressed upon me a lasting interest and appreciation of art and artists. Later in my life, after attending a lecture series on the history of art, my creative juices were awakened. 

Monet’s paintings have always been an influence and a visit to his home in Giverny confirmed my need to paint. I am especially drawn to paintings by Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning, Kandinsky and Jasper Johns. I have had my paintings exhibited in several galleries including Poldi Gallery, Heath Gallery and Gallery 500.

Born and raised in Florida, I was married for twenty-five years and enjoy two children and four wonderful grandchildren. I have lived in Palm Springs for the past four years.

Seated Lady with Fan (24×24) $300
Heart and Soul (36×24) $300
Wings (36×24) $350
Endless Curls (36×24) $325
Color Flow (30×24) $300
Ebbtide (36×36) $400
Road Trip (20×24) $150
SoCal Sunset (20×24) $150
Geometry (36×24) $350
Paisley (24×36) $400
Blue/Green #2 (36×36) $300
Midnight Madness (24×24) $300
Complexity (24×24) $150
Blue Moon Rising (24×24) $300
Birds of a Feather (24×36) $300
Cityscape (36×36) $400
Ribbons (36×24) $350


2 Piece Set Circus #1 (top) Circus #2 (bottom) 20×24 each $250
2 Piece Spirals (24×20 each) $200
3 Piece Set $850
Flames (left) 20×24 $175
Dancing Aurora (center) 48×36 $500
Color Motion (right) 20×24 $175
5 Piece Set (20×16 each) $475

To purchase any of the artwork you see here, contact Jeff McDonald at or via his Facebook page.