Currently Showing: Lamar Allen Waters

Artist Bio 

Lamar Allen Waters is a renaissance man. A trained dancer, credited actor, model, stand-up comedian, and artist. Growing up in Columbia, Maryland with natural inspiration all around him, he learned to make interesting artistic choices that were pleasing to the eye while balancing color and composition. 

Being gifted and experienced in performing arts, his love of creating with paints developed as an afterthought. Not formally trained in art he creates according to mood and emotion using the elements of nature in concert with his own techniques. 

To be earth-friendly, he creates as often as he can by reusing or recycling materials.

Lamar has sold his work at The Beverly Hills Art Show, the city of Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival 2018, and to private and celebrity clients who visited his studio. Lamar’s studio is currently in Desert Hot Springs, California USA.

His creativity will enhance the atmosphere of your home or business.  Ask about creating custom pieces or redesigning to bring interest into your space.

Lamar Allen Waters (626) 437-5532